Synthetic Reacquisition Theatre

Synthetic Reacquisition Theatre (2020) is an investigative approach to meaning-making that interrogates constructed memory. It interrogates the accuracy of a reconstitution process that occurs when we attempt to organize fragmented sensations (raw data) and visualize a memory ‘in the round’, at which point we define the meaning of the raw data through our choices of signs and symbols. 

SRT utilizes the sensibilities of Forensic Architecture - the applied idea of reconstructing an event through a patchwork of disparate sources such as audio, video, image, and testimony to uncover truths. The work invites viewers to regenerate two memories (referred to as ‘recovered animations’) through a patchwork of falsified bystander accounts and images in an accompanying booklet, which serves as both guide and equivocator. Within this theatre, the viewer is given responsibility to separate fact from fiction - or perhaps simply to accept that a synthesis of the real and the invented constitutes much of the information that informs our ideas of selfhood. 

Too Small For Eyes To See

Too Small For Eyes To See (2015) 

“TOO SMALL FOR EYES TO SEE” is a body of work which explores the insecurities of adolescence, group dynamics, and social constructions of masculinity. Using the Boy Scouts as a specific venue within which to research and question these ideas, it aims to scrutinize the psychological experiences of adolescent boys in regards to camaraderie, competition, and patriarchy.